Perfect vSphere 5 Whitebox Project



I have done some braiding. Front panel power and reset switches were on the menu:




Alternative power and reset switches have been done as well. I don’t know if I will be using these though, depends on how my son (Alex) will get along with the server (or server buttons!) The idea is to drill one of the PCI blanking plates and mount these at the back. Nicely our of sight. I will see.


Project Update #7

3 thoughts on “Perfect vSphere 5 Whitebox Project

  1. Adrian Kielbowicz Post author

    Hey Oliver, what exactly are you interested in with regards to write performance? I did flash my M1015 (which essentially is LSI 9240-8i) to LSI 9211-8i in IT mode which gives me straight pass-through for all connected devices (no need for VD aka Virtual Disks etc.) Obviously I don’t have BBU (battery backup unit) on my IBM/LSI card so write performance will never be as good.

    I will be updating this post very soon with ton of info about the build so stick around!

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