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VMware tools install fails with “An error occurred installing the package. Windows Installer returned ‘1601’”



I have been getting An error occurred installing the package. Windows Installer returned ‘1601’ while installing/updating VMware tools on 1 VM (out of like 70..) for some strange reason. Fast forward some time and its all apparent now:


Someone changed the startup type for Windows Installer service to Disabled

Its one of those annoying things you could really could do without on a Friday evening!!

Anyways, that’s that sorted – time to pack up and leave for the day.

VMware ESXi 5 Error “XXX esx.problem.syslog.nonpersistent.formatOnHost not found XXX”


Here is rather not interestingly looking error message popping up when you don’t have Syslog configured properly on ESXi 5.x. I have seen few variations of this error but only have one screenshot at hand!


In a nutshell the cryptic message says that you have logs configured on non-persistent storage and they’ll not survive a reboot of the host. If we look closely at the exact location they’re indeed configured to point at ESXi scratch partition i.e. [] /scratch/log:


There are at least three ways to get us out of trouble in this situation:

  • Use 3rd party Syslog server,
  • Use Syslog server that’s bundled with vCenter 5,
  • Use persistent storage to store your logs.
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    “Exception message: The user has insufficient access rights.” while logging in to Outlook Web Access (OWA)


    Interesting error message indeed! Some screenshots as soon as you hit ‘OK’ on time zone screen and after logging in to OWA:


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    Converting template to a VM fails on “This Host or Cluster is not Valid Selection”


    So here I am, sitting at 10PM converting templates (.vmtx) to VMs (.vmx) – nothing simpler to do right? Wrong! It fails on “This Host or Cluster is not Valid Selection” as soon as you click next on cluster selection… Great, just great. Exactly what I wanted before heading off to bed.. Here is the error:


    And the solution (as usual, very simple) is to manually remove any entries to .iso files referenced in .vmtx file. I had one to volume where the .iso used to sit that was no longer connected as storage to my ESXi host:


    Now you can happily click your favorite ‘Next’ button just to see it completing without problems.

    Life is awesome!