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VMware ESXi 5 Error “XXX esx.problem.syslog.nonpersistent.formatOnHost not found XXX”


Here is rather not interestingly looking error message popping up when you don’t have Syslog configured properly on ESXi 5.x. I have seen few variations of this error but only have one screenshot at hand!


In a nutshell the cryptic message says that you have logs configured on non-persistent storage and they’ll not survive a reboot of the host. If we look closely at the exact location they’re indeed configured to point at ESXi scratch partition i.e. [] /scratch/log:


There are at least three ways to get us out of trouble in this situation:

  • Use 3rd party Syslog server,
  • Use Syslog server that’s bundled with vCenter 5,
  • Use persistent storage to store your logs.
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