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Citrix: XenDesktop 5.x – Where Did ‘Logoff Behaviour’ Option Go?


Here is the scenario – XenDesktop 5.x, pooled/streamed desktops and the lack of ‘Logoff Behaviour’ option.

By default the minute you logoff from ICA session desktop shuts down. Wait, what? Yep, it will shutdown instead of restarting or doing nothing.

In XenDesktop 4 this behaviour could have been configured from the GUI directly but in XenDesktop 5.x it has been moved to command line, PowerShell to be precise.

So what’s the command and how do I configure it?

Here it goes:

1] Load Citrix PowerShell extensions.

2] List all Desktop Groups in your environment.

3] Run the following commands to either enable or disable logoff behaviour for Desktop Group listed in point 2:

Set-BrokerDesktopGroup -Name “Windows 7 SP1 Enterprise” -ShutdownDesktopsAfterUse $True

Set-BrokerDesktopGroup -Name “Windows 7 SP1 Enterprise” -ShutdownDesktopsAfterUse $False

That should do it nicely.

“There are no Master Images Associated with this Catalog.”


There are three main reasons to see “There are no Master Images Associated with this Catalog.” error when creating desktop catalog:

1] Level of permissions back to your Hypervisor is not sufficient. I’m using VMware vCenter and at the step of adding vCenter server you have to use some sort of account to connect back.

Exact permissions required are listed here:


2] Video RAM set on the Master VM is configured as “Auto-detect settings”. You can find this under Settings -> Video card on your Master VM. Citrix article CTX128107 describing the problem:


3] DDC (Desktop Delivery Controller) during desktop catalog creation sees “Hard disk per VM” as 0 GB. Citrix article CTX129470 is here to help:


For me, personally, option 2 caused a lot of headaches! Its worth keeping all of them in mind as sometimes things can go high wire for no apparent reason…

XenDesktop 5.x – Problems After Removing Catalog from Desktop Studio…


So here is a rather simple task – deleting desktop catalog from Desktop Studio – would you agree? I certainly would up until today…

Scenario – I had desktop catalog called “Win7 SP1 Ent Desktops” which was deleted together with associated AD accounts.

Attempts at creating a new catalog with a different name and the same naming scheme are failing with the following error:

Diving deeper dressed up in a blue PowerShell suit reveals that my catalog still exist… Trying to delete it throws up more problems i.e. accounts are still associated with the catalog (that shouldn’t exist!):

1] Add-pssnapin Citrix*
2] Get-AcctIdentityPool
3] Remove-AcctIdentityPool -IdentityPoolName “Win7 SP1 Ent Desktops”

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How to Enable Desktop Viewer on WI 5.x for XenDesktop 5


So I’m here sitting and having a play with XenDesktop 5, all goes well. At some point I’m re-creating WI site and Desktop Viewer toolbar is gone. What the heck just happen I say!

It turns out that I forgot to turn it on (its disabled by default). If you’re still not with me or don’t know what I’m on about take a look at the screenshot below:

Now, to get it enabled we need to edit WebInterface.conf located under:


The value we are interested in is called ShowDesktopViewer, it needs to be uncommented and turned on if necessary:

And there you have it 😉

In case you’re wondering this also works on XenApp published desktops too.