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XenDesktop 5.x – Problems After Removing Catalog from Desktop Studio…


So here is a rather simple task – deleting desktop catalog from Desktop Studio – would you agree? I certainly would up until today…

Scenario – I had desktop catalog called “Win7 SP1 Ent Desktops” which was deleted together with associated AD accounts.

Attempts at creating a new catalog with a different name and the same naming scheme are failing with the following error:

Diving deeper dressed up in a blue PowerShell suit reveals that my catalog still exist… Trying to delete it throws up more problems i.e. accounts are still associated with the catalog (that shouldn’t exist!):

1] Add-pssnapin Citrix*
2] Get-AcctIdentityPool
3] Remove-AcctIdentityPool -IdentityPoolName “Win7 SP1 Ent Desktops”

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