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IBM IMM (Integrated Management Module) Defult Username and Password


Default login credentials for IBM IMM (Integrated Management Module) are as follows:

  • Username: USERID
  • Password: PASSW0RD
  • Both username and a password are case sensitive so they have to be in block capitals. Please notice there is a zero ‘0’ in the word PASSWORD instead of letter ‘O’.

    That’s it, hopefully this will be useful in case you get stuck 😉

    How to update mpt2sas driver on ESXi 5?


    Interesting question and even more interesting is why VMware would use such an archaic version of mpt2sas driver in their fairly recent builds of ESXi. Quick background on why I’m writing about this.

    I bought my IBM M1015 RAID controller from eBay for about £65 and since M1015 is not supported by ESXi natively cross-flashing was the only way to get it working without too much of a hassle (if you could call cross-flashing RAID controllers not too much hassle!) I went for IT mode as opposed to IR for simplicity and ease of adding drives without mocking about with virtual disks etc. I will write a separate post about how to cross-flash to IT/IR mode later on this week (if time permits)

    Going back to my issue, here is what my IBM card looks like right now cross-flashed to LSI 9211-8i in IT mode:


    As you can see it’s running the latest available firmware (P15) and its in IT mode meaning its simply doing straight pass-through for any connected hard drives. Once we’re booted to ESXi we can quickly list all HBAs and the driver names by issuing this command:
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