IBM IMM (Integrated Management Module) Defult Username and Password


Default login credentials for IBM IMM (Integrated Management Module) are as follows:

  • Username: USERID
  • Password: PASSW0RD
  • Both username and a password are case sensitive so they have to be in block capitals. Please notice there is a zero ‘0’ in the word PASSWORD instead of letter ‘O’.

    That’s it, hopefully this will be useful in case you get stuck 😉

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    3. Anitha

      I am getting Login failed when access remote control option for IMM x3550 system,
      And also this error prompts “login bad username and passowrd”
      Please guide me resolve this issue

    4. Adrian Kielbowicz Post author

      Anitha, did you by any change modify the default credentials for the IMM? If yes then please reboot your server and hit F1 during POST to reset the IMM to it’s default settings.

      The other option to change the password would include using the ASU (Advanced Settings Utility) tool for Windows which you can download from here:

      Command line syntax to change the USERID password to Monday101 on IMM running at address is:

      asu64 set IMM.Password.1 Monday101 –host=


    5. Honza Mertl

      hello could you please tell me if in case of IMM / RSA – the “USERID” with “group” supervisor is privileged or not ?

      Thank you.

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