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“Expected user input parameters missing. Check answer file for host.”


Error message in title comes up when you create a new host profile and want to check compliance against cluster of hosts including the host profile was based on. Kinda strange as you would expect the source host to be compliant with its own profile! It turns out its not. Here is how the error looks like:

To get us out of trouble here, right click on the host and choose “Update Answer File…” fill in what’s missing (domain creds) and click update to complete the task. Domain credentials are normally not stored by default and are required for compliance to work (that’s only if you joined your hosts to the domain!)

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“Windows could not parse or process the unattend answer file for pass [specialize]”


Today I got this interesting error when deploying new VMs from a pre-defined template with customizations. Its basically failing on Setup is applying system settings part and to be precise on specialize pass of Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup of unattend.xml file.

Here is the screenshot:

At this point the only option is to press OK which will cause the VM to reboot, needless to say it will be constantly rebooting never taking you back to the actual login screen. Trick to get us out of this one is dating back to old XP days and SCCM troubleshooting during task sequence issues – press F8! You should now have nice cmd window, navigate to C:\Windows\Panther\UnattendGC and look for file called setuperr.log, use notepad to open it up.

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