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Reporting Services tab not showing in SCCM console after R3 upgrade? Here’s how to fix it.


Recently I have upgraded my SCCM central server which was running 2007 SP2 to 2007 R3 and encountered interesting issue. Basically after all reports have been imported I couldn’t see Reporting Services tab in my console to take advantage of any pre-defined reports showing power consumption etc. Currently my console looks as follows:


where the same console on my central server has the tab I’m missing which its showing up just fine:


Solution to get this problem fixed is to install hotfix from Microsoft which happens to be a pre-requisite before you install R3 on your client computer with SCCM console. Link:


If you’re after the actual .msi ready to be installed you can get it from here (downloading hotfixes from Microsoft can be a bit of pain sometimes):


…at this point you should be all set to install the R3 upgrade to your console which will bring the Reporting Services tab.

SCCM 2007 R3 – Remove All Packages from DP (Distribution Point)


Lets assume that you have to decommission a distribution point that’s part of your ConfigMgr 2007 R3 infrastructure. Doing it the clean way would mean manually removing all packages, you have ever copied, which is definitely not fun. Initial copy of packages, when the DP is first setup, has a nice feature called “Copy Packages” but there is absolutely nothing allowing you to remove them. Pretty stupid really as trying to find every single package and manually “Manage Distribution Point” can take literally hours… Fortunately there is very handy tool to help us out here called “ConfigMgr 2007 Distribution Point Package Utility” created by Cory Becht.

This utility queries the primary site server for all of its distribution points including child sites and then displays the packages for each distribution point. You check or uncheck which ones you want on that distribution point. You can also copy the packages list from one DP to another.

This utility was done in Visual Studio 2005, so it does require .NET Framework 2.0
Version History:

1.3 – Now includes duplicating the packages of another distribution point.
1.2 – Updated to include new ConfigMgr 2007 classes for packages (SoftwareUpdate, BootImage, etc.)
1.1 – Fixed multiple DP’s per site error.
1.01 – Included “Select All” button for packages.

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