Cisco ASA 5505 and Virgin Media FTTN


I have had my ASA 5505 running for few months now on Virgin Media FTTN (Fibre To The Neighbourhood / Node) connection and thought I’d share my config. When initial configuration was done on ASA it was a royal pain to be honest, moving from ZyXEL ZyWALL 5 device was challenging since Cisco like to do things differently and ASA is no exception. Here’s what I’m currently running software wise:


ASA software version 8.4.3 and ASDM 6.4.7 – both seem fairly stable so far.

You can safely ignore any defined objects, access lists etc. in the config below as you’d need to re-create them based on what’s required by you.

Two, arguably, most important lines in the config to get Virgin Media connection going are:

I] Define your untrusted, OUTSIDE interface and set default route to obtain IP address via DHCP:

II] Configure your Dynamic NAT which changed massively in versions > 8.3:

NOTE: If you’re running ASA software prior to 8.3 I’d strongly recommend reading Cisco documentation on changes in NAT as well as checking configuration examples – ASA Pre-8.3 to 8.3 NAT configuration examples

There you have it, ASA 5505 config that works on Virgin Media!


I finally have been given the dreadfull SuperHub from Virgin Media – I have resisted for as long as I possibly could but that’s it – they have taken my belowed modem away now!

I’m pleased to say that once you switch SuperHub to bridge mode it works exectly like my old modem did. Config below works without any modifications which is always good – one thing that drives me mad though is the blue LED light that flashes all the time. Duck tape of bluetac time I think! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Cisco ASA 5505 and Virgin Media FTTN

  1. Saeed

    Hi Adrian,

    Do you have the Virgin Media 350mbps service? I’m looking at getting the Business service to use with a ASA 5506 and the hitron router that virgin provide in modem mode.

    I’m hoping the config you have will work or require small modifications to get it working.

    I currently have a asa 5505 on BT infinity which has been working superb for last 4+ years.

  2. Adrian Kielbowicz Post author


    What code version are you running on the ASA?

    I am currently on 50Mbps VM circuit but will be going up to the 300 one fairly soon albeit not the business one.

  3. Saeed

    The asa 5506 I’ve got has 9.4(1). Virgin will be coming next week to do site survey and do install. In the meantime I need to get a config written so I only have to modify few things when installation goes live.

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