How to modify crontab on QNAP NAS to add/edit jobs in cron


Few bullet-points on how to edit crontab and use cron to schedule jobs:

1] Edit /etc/config/crontab file and add your custom job to the scheduler. I’m scheduling backup of my MySQL databases ( in /bin) to happen daily at 0:45 AM so the syntax will be:

45 0 * * /bin/

Please follow these instructions to choose custom timing:

2] Run crontab /etc/config/crontab to make cron aware of changes to crontab file.

3] Restart cron – /etc/init.d/ restart

4] Check the new crontab by using crontab -l or by cat /etc/config/crontab


I have just realized that in my last line when you run the .sh script you need to provide an absolute path. It should read:

/bin/sh /bin/

Now it will work!

10 thoughts on “How to modify crontab on QNAP NAS to add/edit jobs in cron

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  2. Adrian Kielbowicz Post author

    You see the secret is not to sleep in the same room! 🙂

    What have you scheduled to run at 3AM by the way?

  3. franz

    the suggested entry lacks a field. it should have three stars, five fields including “45” (minutes) and “0” (hours), not four…

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