Office 2010 Pro PLUS – Remove “Shared Folder Synchronization” from Explorer Context Menu


Microsoft Office 2010 Pro and Pro PLUS adds handy (?) option to Windows Explorer context menu called “Shared Folder Synchronization”. This also appears in Standard Buttons toolbar in each Explorer window:

If you don’t use/like Microsoft SharePoint Workspace aka Groove (in Microsoft Office 2007) there is very little purpose for this addition to exist – here is how to remove it:

Either rename or delete the following registry key:


So rename would look like this:


Deletion can be completed by running this command:

REG DELETE HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{6C467336-8281-4E60-8204-430CED96822D} /f

Also, third available option is to un-register GROOVEEX.DLL library file, command:


2 thoughts on “Office 2010 Pro PLUS – Remove “Shared Folder Synchronization” from Explorer Context Menu

  1. Adam

    There seems to be a number of posts (almost with the exact words) as this. However, removing the CLSID without also removing the shellex context references is not the most intelligent thing to do. While it may seem harmless in many instances, it is not safe for all instances.

  2. Adrian Kielbowicz Post author

    I agree that pulling keys from CLSID node is not the cleanest of ways going about this. Unless absolutely necessary I’d almost always recommend un-registering the .dll to remove “Shared Folder Synchronization” feature!

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